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Policies and Rules

(Please review prior to completing the membership form.)

I authorize and provide detailed ride information to, Inc. to transport me, my family member or another person under my care to-and-from the agreed-upon pick-up sites and drop-off locations as noted on the registration/ride-request form. I understand and acknowledge that, Inc. assumes no responsibility, obligation or liability of any kind before the passenger boards the, Inc. vehicle or after the passenger is dropped off from the, Inc. vehicle at the designated locations.


Minimum Age Requirement:  All passengers under the age of 5-years-old must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older).

  • Carseats:
    • Customers must provide car seats or booster seats for all children under the age of 8.
    • Children under the age of 8 who are 4′ 9″ or taller may be secured by a safety belt in the back seat (according to the current California state safety seat regulations for underage children).
  • Seatbelts: 
    • Must be worn at all times.
  • Rider Responsibility:
    • Passengers must be ready for curbside pickup at designated reservation time.
    •, Inc. employees will not allow pets in the vehicle other than designated service pets.
    • Passengers are expected to remain seated inside of the vehicle while it is moving.
    • Passengers must remain respectful of other passengers and the driver.
    • Passengers must not engage in any activity that is distracting to the driver.
    • Passengers are expected to minimize mobile phone use and may be asked to refrain from loud phone conversations.
    •, Inc. will not allow eating, drinking, smoking or in the vehicle.
    • All passengers are responsible for making sure that they have all of their belongings with them when they exit the vehicle., Inc. is not liable for lost or damaged items.
    •, Inc. vehicles are not equipped to transport riders who require medical or mobility equipment.

Customer Cancellation/Schedule-Change/No-Show

  • PASSENGER CANCELLATION With 24-hour or More Notification:, Inc. will accept cancellations without charge when made at least 24-hours in advance. The cost of the ride will be fully credited.
  • PASSENGER CANCELLATION With Less Than 24-hour Notification:, Inc. will charge an additional $20 fee for all cancellations made with Less Than 24-hours of the scheduled ride.
  •  PASSENGER SCHEDULE CHANGES With 24-hour or More Notification:, Inc. will accept schedule changes with 24-hour or more notification without charge when made at least 24-hours or more in advance. However, cannot guarantee the availability of the requested ride slot. Please confirm availability with staff prior to making any schedule changes.
  • PASSENGER SCHEDULE CHANGES With Less Than 24-hour Notification:, Inc. will charge an additional $10 fee for all changes made Less Than 24-hours of the scheduled ride. The amount of the originally scheduled ride will be fully credited towards the newly scheduled ride. No refunds will be applied.
  • PASSENGER NO SHOW:  If a passenger does not arrive to the pick-up site within 5 minutes of a planned pick-up,, Inc. will attempt to contact the passenger and/or the rider’s contact. If, Inc. is unable to reach anyone, the drivers will leave. The cost of the ride will not be credited or refunded., Inc. Driver Cancellation/Schedule-Change/No-Show/Termination

  • DRIVER CANCELLATION: If, Inc. drivers are unavailable for pick-up due to extreme emergency reasons, a representative will contact the rider or rider’s contact person to alert them to make other arrangements. The cost of the ride will be fully credited or refunded.
  • DRIVER SCHEDULE CHANGES:   If “slight” schedule changes are required and there is room to adjust without a great inconvenience to the passenger,, Inc. representatives may notify the rider or rider’s contact person to request a scheduling readjustment. There will be no additional fees charged to the passenger or compensation paid to the passenger for these potential schedule adjustments.
  •  DRIVER NO SHOW:   If, Inc. vehicle does not arrive at your pick-up area within 10 minutes of a planned pick-up time due to traffic delays or other natural disasters, it is the rider or rider contact person’s responsibility to call, Inc. before making other arrangements. The cost of the ride will be fully credited or refunded. If circumstances allow,, Inc.representative will contact the passenger and/or rider’s contact to notify them of the situation.
  • DRIVER TERMINATION:, Inc. has the right to refuse service to any rider that demonstrates inappropriate behavior as determined by the driver.


  • Annual Family Membership Fee: $25. Membership forms must be submitted prior to making initial ride reservation requests.
  • Wait Time (if available):, Inc. will provide a five-minute courtesy wait time for all scheduled rides. A $5 fee will be added for 6-10 minute wait times and a $10 fee will be added for 11-15 minute waits. Special accommodations can be made for any wait time beyond 15 minutes IF there are no scheduling conflicts.